Join Activity and Wellness ( SilverLounge in Bangalore)


It’s a proven truth: engaged seniors lead richer, more satisfying lives. So at 50+ Voyagers Travel and Adventure Club we have designed a comprehensive program of activities and events which will bring recreation, well-being and independence to the life of 50 and above aged senior citizens.

  1. If you or your partner is an older adult, join the 50+ Voyagers today to begin your plans for an active retirement life.
  2. If your parents or in-laws are away from you and you are worried about their loneliness and well-being, contact us for program details.

Participating in recreational physical activity not only reduces almost every risk of disease, including heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes, but also improves cognitive health.

  • Workshops
  • Digital And Social Media Workshop

    50 + Voyagers Senior Citizen Computer Class

    Session Topic:

    e-booking Cab, flight and rail tickets

    Online Music and Video

    Online Shopping

    Microsoft Word and PDF

    Bluetooth, Whatsapp, Facebook

    Course Duration: 1 month - 8 classes

    Participants: Men and women of age 50 to 80.

    Call us on (+91) 8095767595/080-25533702 today to know about upcoming workshop date.

  • Tai Chi For 50+ Aged

    Senior Citizen Tai Chi 50 + Aged

    What is Tai Chi?

    Tai chi, also called Tai Chi Chuan, combines deep breathing and relaxation with slow and gentle movements. Originally developed as a martial art in 13th-century China, tai chi today is practiced around the world as a health-promoting exercise for older adults.

    What are the health benefits of tai chi?

    Increase balance control and fall prevention

    Reduce pain and stiffness in joints due to arthritis

    Increase cardiovascular fitness

    lower LDLs by 20-26mg

    Better recovery from stroke, heart failure and heart attacks

    Benefits for those suffering from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

    Improve the body’s immune function

    Psychological well-being including reduction of stress, anxiety and depression

    Improve sleep quality and length

    Tai Chi Workshop Schedule:

    50+ Voyagers Travel and Adventure Club organizes regular Tai Chi Introduction Session and Workshops at the club premise 3-4 times a year. Typical Tai Chi workshops are composed of 16 classes spread over 2 months.

    Call us on (+91) 8095767595/080-25533702 today to know about upcoming Tai Chi workshop.

  • Satsang Yoga

    'Satsang' a sanskrit word means 'A True Company'. Practicing yoga and meditating together in 'Satsang' under supervision of an enlighten 'Master' creates a strong positive energy for a healthy and happy life.

    Each session is designed specially for 50+ aged and seniors to help them in finding a reason for living through body awareness, breath awareness, relaxation, preventing stiffness in joints and mental awareness.

    The Club is organizing free 'Satsang Yoga sessions' since February, 2014 at Koramangala, which has been a huge success and benefiting lives of many elders who otherwise do not go to a commercial yoga studio.

    Venue: 50+ Voyagers Travel and Adventure Club, 1st Block Koramangala, Near Wipro Park Signal on 80ft Road, Bangalore.

    Course Duration: 3 months - Chanting, Asanas, Pranayama, Relaxation Techniques, Meditation.

    Participants: Men and women of age 50 to 80.

  • Laughter Club For Seniors

    Senior Citizen Laughter club 50 + aged

    Everyone can laugh! You don’t need to feel good first. You don’t need to be happy. There is no need for jokes or comedy. You don’t even need a sense of humor.

    The practice of laughing itself improves your mood, and then you do feel good. Laughter as exercise develops your sense of humor, and induces happiness.

    The laughers gather daily on a common location preferably a open space like park. After a few minutes of socializing, the group performs easy stretching, breathing exercises, and laughter practices, ending with a healthy guided relaxation. Each session runs 45 to 60 minutes.

    Call us on (+91) 8095767595/080-25533702 today to organize a laughter club in your apartment complex or local park or community space