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Chikmagalur Diary

Senior Citizen Chikmagalur Tour Mullyanagiri Hills Coffee Plantation Stay
Chikmagalur Senior Citizen Travelogue

It was on a sunny morning in May, a small group of travellers set off on a 3 day trip to Chikmagalur, the birth place of coffee in India. From the hot climes of Bangalore to cool Chikmagalur, it was a pleasant vacation for all of us, strangers to each other, yet there was a certain level of comfort from the very beginning amongst our like-minded group of 50+ Voyagers.

The place where we stayed at, Thippanahalli estate, was centuries old heritage manor amidst a beautifully manicured garden immersed in a serene atmosphere. A caring hostess Meera Aralugupp waiting to welcome us, we were immediately drawn into the warm circle of this family, with her personal attention.

The cottages we stayed had breathtaking view of Mullayanagiri Hills and were set amidst lush green coffee plantation.

In the morning we were invited on a trekking trail through the estate’s coffee plantation with hosts Ravishankar, Meera Araluguppe and their little grandson.

Chikmagalur Night Safari Senior Citizen

Ravishankar told us about history of coffee planters in Chikmagalur, the variety of Robusta and Arabica coffees and processing. A guided tour of their beautiful home, filled with antiques and artefacts replete with 230 years of history, made our trip more memorable.

Who can forget sitting out on a rainy day eating piping hot pakodas and freshly brewed coffee.

It was amazing watching the rain in the mountains with the warmth of my new friends and relaxed chit chat on poetry to movies to politics.

Chikmagalur Night Safari Senior Citizen

Day time was spent in sightseeing - climbing Mullayanagiri Hills, crowding in at Bababudangiri shrine and enjoying the lush green forests of tall trees, cloaked in pepper vines and coffee estates. Our tour manager, Subhalakshmi, organized games and gave away prizes to all - no winners, no losers !

Chikmagalur Senior Citizen Travelogue

On the return journey, we stopped at Belur and Halebidu to marvel at the wonderful carvings and sculptures of Hoysala dynasty.

Chikmagalur Night Safari Senior Citizen

Thank you 50+ Voyagers Travel and Adventure Club for organizing everything so well, we just sat back and enjoyed ourselves. Wonderful! Looking forward to Meadows of Kashmir trip on June 16.

Date: June 09, 2016 Blog by: Nirmala Reddy, Bangalore About Blogger: An English lecturer, who took early retirement. I am fond of gardening, writing and speaking to my dogs! My favourite reading is detective novels(Agatha Christie, Higgins Clark, P.D James etc), and travelogues, and of course I love travelling, hence my husband and I joined 50+ Voyagers!

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