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Event And Workshop for Senior Citizen
Senior Citizen Wellness Workshop Senior Citizen Tai Chi Senior Citizen Computer Internet Class Photography
Organic Gardening - L1
Learn how to grow wonderful flowering plant, healthy & organic vegetables in small space ...
Senior Citizen Wellness Workshop Senior Citizen Tai Chi Senior Citizen Computer Internet Class Photography
Sudoku Challenge
Take part in our Monthly Competitions or just play for fun and healthy memory ...
Senior Citizen Wellness Workshop Senior Citizen Tai Chi Senior Citizen Computer Internet Class Photography
Computer And Internet
Learn Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Cab and Flight Booking, Online payment ...
Senior Citizen Wellness Workshop Senior Citizen Tai Chi Senior Citizen Computer Internet Class Photography
Mobile camera or DSLR, learn some easy techniques to capture your best moment ...

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Life beyond 50+ is so exciting, especially when you are with like-minded young people and want to enjoy life like kid. This is how I would like to summarize 50+ Voyagers. My mom for the first time travelled alone with a group of strangers but she came back with lifelong friends and memories to cherish. I am so glad that I could facilitate creating this memory for her during recent Ladakh trip. Very well organised, all thanks to Sangita who personally took care of everyone on the trip. Pictures of this event are saying a lot more. How I wish I was 50+ too ! Looking forward to creating more memories for my mom with you.

Tuhina Bhattacharyya Bangalore

The life starts at 50 is what I fully endorse after joining Ladakh trip 3rd-11th August 2016. Every person has a child within, let it come out and there can be no better way than joining 50+ Voyagers Travel and Adventure Club. I was a bit skeptical and apprehensive of joining it but now I think it has been my one of the best decisions to be a part of it. The itinerary was properly planned right from the flights to hotels to sightseeing. Everything was hassle free. In a nut shell it was adventurous, amazing and awesome experience. Thank you Sangita for making me feel younger and healthier.

Kawaljeet Bedi Delhi

Due to the age factor (78+), going alone anywhere gives me a little scare. When I came to know about 50+ Voyagers and booked Coorg tour with them, I was in the beginning skeptical how the services would be. However, when the day arrived to commence the 3 days holidays, everything from pick up from my house till they dropped me back at home - went off in the most pleasant and smooth manner. The accommodation was the best one could imagine nice cottages among a 250 acres of coffee estate, where nature showed its splendor. I would say that 50+ Voyagers is the ideal organization to look for those who have crossed 50. The service rendered by them is superb. I am looking forward to my next holiday with 50+ Voyagers.

V Sathyamurthy Bangalore

At the outset, my wife (aged 66 with knee problem) and I (70 years) were apprehensive as to whether we would be able to undertake the Himachal Pradesh tour given mountainous and hilly area conditions. Well after horse-riding at Kufri, I could see from expressions on the face of my wife that she had got her confidence back and had almost forgotten her knee pain. Advantage of travelling with 50+ Voyagers is that all are of almost same age, group being almost on same wave length, customized visiting places, cohesiveness and careful planning. I recommend to my friends of above fifty to avail themselves of the facilities provided by the 50+ Plus Voyagers Travel and Adventure Club. I am sure you will agree that age is just a number.

Arun Kumar Chandehoke New Delhi

3 Cheers 50+ Voyagers for arranging this wonderful tour to Kenya. One of the most amazing, satisfying and enjoyed tours to Kenya. Did not realise how one week just flew. Still living in the world of the wild animals and keep looking at all the pictures. Though it was a very rough terrain with no roads we did not feel it then. Was it the company we were in or just being amongst nature ? It was worth it and would love to take more tours with them. Going to Nagaland Hornbill Festival with 50+ Voyagers in December. Hats off to 50+ Voyagers Travel and Adventure Club for catering to us 60+

Nirmala Sharma Chennai

It was my 5th trip with 50+ Voyagers, when I went on a 8 day trip to Sri Lanka ! My first international! Everything was taken care well - My safety being a single lady, the company that I want, to share my views and experiences while travelling together with like minded, same aged men and women who are relaxed with no hassles of not getting leave from work place, and with relaxed mindset to enjoy life after finishing duties towards children.. what more you want? In the last trip to Srilanka, I found myself climbing 1700 steps to top of lion rock fort at 200ft height which I thought was unbelievable!

Kusum Achia Bangalore

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